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Marijuana/Cannabis Policy Guidance

Through technical support and public health practices, the Prevention Hub can assist schools, municipalities, and community members in navigating New Jersey’s new cannabis laws and their potential impact on youth. 


School Policy Toolkit


Municipal Level Toolkit

Marijuana School Policy Toolkit 

Many schools are currently navigating changes that have occurred due to recent cannabis legalization. The Prevention Hub staff possess the knowledge and the resources to help guide schools in crafting and implementing updated practices and policies. Working in partnership with LEGAL ONE, we have developed Marijuana Legalization and School Policy: A Public Health Approach to help guide schools in creating a comprehensive and supportive response in this area. 

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Cannabis Municipal Level Toolkit 

Communities across the state are navigating a changing landscape resulting from recent legalization of cannabis use for those over 21. While guidance is forthcoming regarding the establishment of this industry, many communities want to be sure to consider the public health impact this new industry can have on their community residents and potential areas of concern. The Prevention Hub staff have resources to provide to communities to use public health research and experience to guide their policies and practices to limit the negative impact for youth. The Prevention Hub’s Cannabis Legalization and Local Policy: A Public Health Approach  provides local decision makers with guidance on best practices related to an “upstream” approach to public health outcomes, including youth use prevention. 

Toolkit coming soon. Contact your county Prevention Hub for assistance.

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